Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Me in the Lenny Kravitz Music Video - Again

I was out at dinner the other night with friends and we were talking about Cafe Habana over on Elizabeth and Prince Street. It reminded me of the time I walked into this Lenny Kravitz music video by accident.

Much of the video was filmed at Cafe Habana. I believe it was summer 2000 as I used to live over there then. I can't remember exactly at this point. But I was walking down Elizabeth street one Saturday afternoon to grab some Huevos Rancheros at one of my favorite local spots (Cafe Habana). Long story short is I happened to walk in and sit down at the counter in the middle of the film shoot unaware that they were filming a video let alone a LK shoot. I ordered normally and the next thing I know a camera is filming me. The PA then comes over to ask if I want to be in the video. I said sure. Gave my social security number, name, and signed away all my rights for a dollar. Then they told me that Lenny would be sitting in the seat next to me.

A few minutes later a limo pulled up and Lenny Kravitz walked in with the director who introduced us. We briefly shook hands and the filming continued.

After the shoot, I went and sat in a booth to watch the happening for a bit longer while they shot some more b-roll shots.

The funny thing is you can really only see me for less than 2 seconds after the edits and you have to be watching EXTREMELY closely. The camera pans across me at 1:14 and again in a different location at 3:50 in the video above.

It was a fun brunch. And I had a good time. I don't go back to Cafe Habana too much anymore because the line takes way too long...

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