Sunday, September 14, 2008

Unity, Esther, Sergey, and Steve

We had an amazing time last week at the Spit Party hosted by Rupert Murdoch, Barry Diller and Harvey Weinstein. From left to right, Unity Stoakes, Esther Dyson, Sergey Brin and Steven Krein.
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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Personalized Genetics Gets More Exciting and Affordable

I've been following the field of personalized genetics for a long time now so I thought I would share this post I just wrote today on the OrganizedWisdom blog:

Personal Genetics Just Got A Whole Lot More Exciting, And Affordable

I'm thinking about signing up for the 23andMe service and having my own DNA mapped. Even though the price has dropped dramatically, it still costs $399. Given that is the same price as an iPod or digital camera these days, I figure my health is definitely worth the investment.

Once I get some results in, I'll probably share some more details about the process and what I learned. Hopefully I find out good news that will help me focus on wellness and prevention. But there's no telling what my details will show. As they say, you can choose your friends and even your neighbors, but you're stuck with your DNA.

If anyone is interested in trying the 23andMe service I have a 25% off coupon that says it's valid until 9/16/08. Ping me and I'll be happy to share.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Now That's Healthy!

Great salads at Extra Virgin on West 4th. This is the Shrimp Cobb Salad. Yummy. And Healthy. And I even bumped into this guy again.
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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Me in the Lenny Kravitz Music Video - Again

I was out at dinner the other night with friends and we were talking about Cafe Habana over on Elizabeth and Prince Street. It reminded me of the time I walked into this Lenny Kravitz music video by accident.

Much of the video was filmed at Cafe Habana. I believe it was summer 2000 as I used to live over there then. I can't remember exactly at this point. But I was walking down Elizabeth street one Saturday afternoon to grab some Huevos Rancheros at one of my favorite local spots (Cafe Habana). Long story short is I happened to walk in and sit down at the counter in the middle of the film shoot unaware that they were filming a video let alone a LK shoot. I ordered normally and the next thing I know a camera is filming me. The PA then comes over to ask if I want to be in the video. I said sure. Gave my social security number, name, and signed away all my rights for a dollar. Then they told me that Lenny would be sitting in the seat next to me.

A few minutes later a limo pulled up and Lenny Kravitz walked in with the director who introduced us. We briefly shook hands and the filming continued.

After the shoot, I went and sat in a booth to watch the happening for a bit longer while they shot some more b-roll shots.

The funny thing is you can really only see me for less than 2 seconds after the edits and you have to be watching EXTREMELY closely. The camera pans across me at 1:14 and again in a different location at 3:50 in the video above.

It was a fun brunch. And I had a good time. I don't go back to Cafe Habana too much anymore because the line takes way too long...

Os Gemeos: Too Close Too Far at Deitch

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