Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Looking Forward to New Film About Bob Dylan: I'm Not There

The New York Times wrote a brief piece about a new film about Bob Dylan: I'm Not There.

The film is only opening in New York City (at the Film Forum) and in LA. It's times like these I remember why I love living here!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Focus on More At-Bats

In another great post by Marc Andreseen, he highlights some data to show:

Quality of output does not vary by age... which means, of course, that attempting to improve your batting average of hits versus misses is a waste of time as you progress through a creative career. Instead you should just focus on more at-bats -- more output. Think about that one.

So the morale is: just keep trying!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

TheStreet.com (TSCM) Buys Corsis and Promotions.com for $20 Million

Congrats to all of our friends and partners over at Corsis Technologies/Promotions.com. Online finance site operator TheStreet.com (TSCM) acquired the company today for nearly $21 million.

I have a long great history with each of these companies over the past decade. In one way or another, I have been deeply involved with these companies for the last 10 years. In the mid-nineties I joined start-up Promotions.com (some may remember it as Webstakes, and to make it more complicated Corsis is officially changing it's name to Promotions.com) as head of marketing to work with Steven Krein for the first time (Steve was the co-founder and CEO and is now my current partner in OrganizedWisdom). From a scrappy start-up, we quickly became the first and largest online promotions agency and took the company public on NASDQ in 1999. In fact, we were one of the last companies to successfully IPO before the big dot com bust. Fun and interesting times I will never forget.

I was also fortunate to have worked with TheStreet.com many years ago. Way back when I worked at new media communications agency Middleberg and Associates, I was on the PR/marketing team that helped launch and do online strategy for TheStreet.com. As a peon recently out of school I only had a few interactions with James Cramer, but I still have an email he sent me one day saying simply: "Great Job!".

And most recently, we've continued to partner with Corsis/Promotions.com. When Steve and I decided to launch our most recent venture, OrganizedWisdom, the first person we called was Gregg Alwine and our friends over at Corsis/Promotions.com to manage our technology. They've been a key partner, an investor, and instrumental to our success ever since.

Congrats again to all parties involved! We're looking forward to even bigger things to come...