Monday, May 14, 2007

Forging Steel In Iowa (the Bros in Hard Hats)

Arrived back in NYC last night from a great Mother's Day weekend in Iowa. (Priceless pictures of us surprising Mom for her birthday and mother's day coming was spectacular.)

But first some pictures I took from my phone when I got to tour the company my brother works for back in Cedar Rapids. My brother PS (PatrickSpirit) is one of the mechanical engineers that designs the presses and machines that forge steel parts like the huge shackle below.

It may surprise you but this particular shackle below is worth more than my computer and can lift more than 50 tons of weight safely.

It was cool to see the process of how something seemingly so simple is produced. Seeing it, you realize how much design, energy, work, labor, and time goes into making everything from bolts to ball-bearings to hooks. Each piece requires an entire team and process and is forged from hot steel, pressed in a massive die, and then the steel is cooled, heated, cooled and heated again, cleaned, tumbled, painted, etc.

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