Friday, October 13, 2006

All sorts of OrganizedWisdom Updates

We had a great week with OrganizedWisdom. Here's a quick list of some of the happenings going on:

We sent out our official launch press release. reviewed our site, gave some great feedback, and helped drive lots of traffic to OrganizedWisdom.

The HealthCare IT Guy, published my guest article on 10 Ways Social Computing is Transforming the Healthcare Industry.

HealthCareVOX featured OrganizedWisdom this week, and is publishing an interview with me in the coming days.

We've been working on lots of new features, fixes, and improvements based on your feedback. Click here for a complete list.

And best of all, check out some of these inspiring WisdomCards people have published:

Shared WisdomCard on - Hodgkin's Lymphoma Disease
Shared WisdomCard on - Epilepsy
Shared WisdomCard on - Alzheimer's Disease
Shared WisdomCard on - Bipolar Manic Depression
Shared WisdomCard on - Lyme Disease

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