Thursday, April 13, 2006

Skipping Paper and Clocks

Do you ever stop and reminisce about what you were doing exactly one year ago?

It's fun to do. I like to do this because it seems like every time I stop to take a deep breath, another week has past. With time flying by so quickly it is easy to forget all of the great accomplishments and progress that one makes over the course of an entire year.

This month is particularly important to me. That's because one year ago this month I was getting married in Brazil. On one hand the year flew right by, but when I stop to reflect it also is great to realize how many amazing things my wife Flavia and I have accomplished in just 365 days.

We accomplished our goal of buying our first home in NYC. (This alone is a Herculean feat as far as I'm concerned). We launched Flavia's booming language services company called Be Bilingual. We were fortunate enough to take amazing trips to Brazil, Aruba, the Caribbean, Iowa, and even Augusta for the Masters! I helped launch two more #1 national best selling books and create The Great American Homeowner Challenge with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. And two of my art projects, The Bathroom Graffiti Project and NO COAST have been really picking up steam.

According to tradition it's our anniversary year to gift paper and clocks. But I'd much rather enjoy all of the experience, progress, and time we were able to share.

Happy First Year!

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