Saturday, April 01, 2006

The First Really Spring Day in New York City

You can't beat the first warm sunny day of spring in New York City: People's spirits high, doors and windows open, fresh air breezing through the streets and cafes everywhere.

Some notes on my perfect day walking tour in Manhattan.

1) Walk to pick up a pastry and fresh smoothy from Jamba Juice.
2) No subways. Too nice. It's a walking day all the way.
3) Walk through Tribeca, China Town, SOHO, Little Italy, NOLITA...
4) Lunch at Cafe Gitane
5) WIndow gazing and stop-ins at the boutiques and SOHO shops looking for winter close-out sales.
6) No sales going: ALL SHELF SPACE GLOATING "Spring is finally here!"
7) A few hours in Washington Square park people watching, resting on benches, listening to original hippies strum guitars, writing, reading paper. Sun bathing.
8) More walking...finally to Union Square.
9) Farmer's Market in Union Square
10) Gazing at new books at the best Barnes and Noble in the city: Union Square
11) Stop in at Virgin to listen to music
12) Check out the new Trader Joe's...quickly leave because insane customers are fighting over food and standing in a 90 minute checkout line.
13) Hang out in Union Square park to watch breakdancers
14) Visit The Strand Bookstore
15) Walk to Astor Place
16) Check out St. Marks' Place
17) Great dinner at Bistro in Alphabet City
18) More book shopping at St. Marks Bookstore
19) Chilly air sets in again
20) Subway home...

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