Friday, November 26, 2004

OJ Simpson Is Innocent

Stop. Just be quiet. Before you rant and rave and call me crazy, go read this book:

"O.J. Is Guilty But Not of Murder by William Dear."

After reading this book, you will understand why I believe that not only is OJ Simpson "Not Guilty" of murdering Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, but he is actually innocent.

The author, William Dear, is generally considered one of the world's top 5 private investigators and has been responsible for solving dozens of major crime mysteries over a 35 year career. You can read more about him when you read the book, which I think will further legitimize the argument laid out in his 6-year private investigation into the OJ case.

Why have I been bringing up the 10 year-old OJ case in recent weeks you ask?

Simple: the context of the recent Scott Petersen trial in which the jury found him guilty of murder based on mountain of circumstantial evidence, again highlights a flawed justice system that continues to be influenced by a biased media, an emotional public, and crafty lawyers.

Don't get me wrong. Unlike OJ, I think Scott Petersen is guilty. With OJ, the problem is that the media and the public crucified an innocent man and continue to do so to this day even though he did not commit those murders (again, please read the book before you try and debate this). Thankfully, the jury did the right thing in this case and listened to the facts of the case. But with the Petersen trial something frightful happened. The media, the public, AND a jury convicted a man of murder without any real evidence. This is serious.

The owe ness must be on the prosecution to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt according to the law, not rely on provocative circumstantial evidence that plays well on Larry King Live. Especially with a death penalty case. It is bad enough for the media and the public to start acting as judge and jury. But if the actual judicial process also erodes, then what protections will the innocent have?

Isn't it better to let a guilty man free, than to take an innocent man's freedom? Let us remember that in many of these cases we are now putting people to death.

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