Sunday, November 28, 2004

5 Movies To Rent For The Holidays

Here are five great Netflix picks I recommend for this Holiday season:

The Apartment--The good ol' days in NYC during Holiday season. When Martini's ruled and Jack Lemmon was the man.

The Bicycle Thief--Beautiful black and white Italian film about family and the human condition.

Capturing The Friedman's--You'll realize that your family isn't so messed up after all. You'll be thankful again with your own hand.

Central Station--Brazilian film that shows you how we can all have a purpose.

Mark Twain--Perfect for a snowed-in day at home.

Post your own recommendations in the comment section.

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ajdisco said...

Decent picks, Unity. Here are a couple light-hearted classics that you missed though:

-Christmas Vacation - Chevy in one of his best roles. Between the dog chasing the squirrel scene and the old uncle's voice ("Hey Gris, if you're not doing anything constructive, go into the kitchen and get me my stogies!"), this one's a slapstick fave.

-Can't Buy Me Love - Patrick Dempsey, 80s high school and the African Anteater Ritual...need I say more?