Friday, March 27, 2009

My Newest Recipe: Bacon Fried Brussels Sprouts With A Kick

This week I created a tasty new recipe. I call it Bacon Fried Brussels Sprouts With A Kick. It's easy to prepare. Super flavorful and fresh. Mostly healthy. And makes for a tasty side-dish.

Cooking time: less than 10 minutes!

Tools: Cast iron skillet/well seasoned frying pan.

4 fresh brussels sprouts, 1 strip of thick cut bacon, Tabasco Sauce, dash of salt, fresh ground pepper, teaspoon grated parmesan cheese.

Serves: This recipe is for 1. Just multiply ingredients by number of people you want to serve.

How to Cook: This really is the easiest thing you will ever make other than toast or a grilled cheese. But it will come out like a gourmet dish from your favorite steak house. Here are the simple steps to cooking this tasty side dish:

1) Wash, rinse, then cut the 4 brussels sprouts in half.
2) Dice the bacon and get it frying in that well seasoned skillet.
3) Place the brussel sprouts face down in the pan and mix them in with the bacon pieces.
4) Flip the brussel sprouts after about 3 minutes.
5) Make sure to coat each piece with bacon grease, then put one drop of Tabasco on each of the brussels sprouts.
6) Cook for another 3 minutes and stir once or twice.
7) Just before serving dash lightly with salt, fresh cracked pepper to taste.
8) Sprinkler the parmesan cheese over the brussels sprouts while still in the frying pan.
9) Place everything on a side dish and enjoy.

Pictures of Unity Stoakes's Bacon Fried Brussels Sprouts With A Kick from my lunch earlier this week:

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