Thursday, July 10, 2008

New OW Video Interview on CenterNetworks

Yesterday morning I had a fun time doing a video interview about OrganizedWisdom with Allen Stern of CenterNetworks.

The video runs about 15 minutes and some of the topics we covered include:

* What is OrganizedWisdom?
* What's a wisdom card and how many cards are there today?
* Are you creating content or just showing search results?
* Plagerism issues - this was running wild in another human powered search engine
* Do you allow the public to contribute?
* How do you compare to NY-based Hakia's health search and iMedix?
* What's the business model -- this is actually very interesting - I discuss a variety of components to the business plan unlike some of the other human powered search engines that are looking at advertising as their only revenue avenue
* What's the team like in NYC?
* How does someone become a guide and what qualifications are required?

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