Monday, September 17, 2007

OrganizedWisdom Launches First Human Guided, Doctor Reviewed Search Service for Health

We've been busy for quite awhile on the NEW organized wisdom platform which is a dramatic leap forward for us.

Today, we officially launched an early BETA of a new human-guided, doctor-reviewed search service for health. Our goal is to use search experts, editors, and physicians to improve health search.

Here is the press release:

Here are some early reviews:



It's still very early stages, but I would love any feedback you may have. This is a big mission and one that I am very excited about. Any suggestions will help us keep making the service better.


Anonymous said...

I don't get where the business model is?

Is it advertising? Is it just that you are trying to reach critical mass of eyeballs to then sell...

Being in healthcare and seeing the value in organizing information for people who are scared, nervous and in need of help, The information efforts are always in combination with and/or subsidized by the actual care process. What's the tagline of this business model? Altruism? I would love if that is the case but am skeptical.

How do you harness this information and link it to the people who care at the point (direct or indirect) where the care is or may be provided?

If it is just about providing information then I think you have missed an opportunity.


ustoakes said...

Business model is based on advertising based, syndication based, and sponsor based.

As our knowledgebase of WisdomCards grows we have more content and traffic which we can monetize.

We are building a service. People don't need 1.4 million search results on a topic. They need answers to their questions. They need to get to the best resources and information on their topic...before they get search fatigue and give up.

The service we are building is sort of like having your own professional researcher to go and spend hours and hours finding the very best information on the Web related to your topic.

Unfortunately the Web has become a vast wasteland of clutter, spam, marketing, and content. It can be a challenge to find the good stuff. Our guides are doing the searching so people don't have to.

Does that answer your question? Happy to expound...

Anonymous said...

It does answer my question. I figured it was an advertising (et al) approach but wasn't certain as the site is very clean.

I commend your efforts, having been in interactive advertising and now having been on the strategy side of hospital and health system operations, the complexity of healthcare never ceases to amaze me. From the introduction of an episode to the paying of the bill, nothing is clean or what you expected it to be. Often, the care provided trumps the overall confusion and frustration the experience creates so it is all of our intent to simplify, match expections to experiences and deliver high quality of care.

If you and your cronies can match information to need, I think you have provided a good service. One thing to keep in mind, however, you mention that people may reach search fatigue and give up. In my experience, the giving up doesn't happen, they only switch approaches. Despite if the information is correct, people have varying capacities to hear what even good information tells them.

I will keep watching OW, this space intrigues me as I watch health and healthcare change...