Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Have Journalists Become Today's Most Reviled Profession?

Are You Fed Up with CNN's Poor Excuse for Journalism Too?

Once the innovator of the 24/7 news cycle and insightful coverage of live events, wars, and debates, CNN has moved away from their journalistic roots so much these past few years, the Network can't even admit when it makes a mistake (see above). Whether it plays loose with their language, distorts facts, or distracts with their incessant multimedia video montages, we need to be asking what News actually means to CNN (and to many of today's journalists.

Good thing we have people like Johns Stewart, Bill Maher, and Michael Moore to call them on their poor excuse for journalism these days. And perhaps that's another reason why blogging continues to take hold so rapidly. People don't believe the main stream media anymore because they have eroded (forgotten?) their standards and faltered so many times.

Wolf says it best in the video above:
CNN is a business.

Is the subtext to Wolf's tone and response to Michael Moore, coupled with Dr. Gupta's response on Larry King Live last night telling us that because CNN is a business, they can report whatever they want?

CNN is not all bad. For example, I love Larry King Live, but that's because it is clearly an entertainment show, not a news show, and the viewers know this.

If news programs like the Situation Room and today's actor/anchors don't get their act together, they will forever tarnish the profession of journalism worse than they have already. (A few years ago we expected it from FOX News, but not CNN).

Who woulda thunk, "bloggers" would become this generations Most Trusted Source for News.

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