Sunday, April 15, 2007

Tacos To Eat Before You Die

I love tacos.

Actually, I think tacos just might be my all time favorite food.

I've always loved tacos, and have many fond taco memories. I remember fondly my mother making homemade tortillas as a boy. Hand-rolling flour shells one by one while black beans simmered on the stove. I remember sitting Indian-style munching on one of the best tacos I've ever tasted with a family of migrant workers taking a lunch break from detasseling corn in one of the fields at the end of our driveway. And I remember the first time I ever dared to try the Stupid Sauce they serve with the tacos at San Loco in NYC.

In fact, those memories (and the Food Network) are probably what inspired me to put my very own tortilla press on my Christmas wish list last year (Thanks for the gift bro!).

So I was pleased to hear about the December 2006 cover story from Texas Monthly called, The 63 Tacos You Must Eat Before You Die. And I was thrilled to learn that at the top of the list was my all-time favorite taco from the Fuel City gas station in Dallas Texas.

For years, I have raved about the Fuel City tacos. And they truly are special. I first discovered their tacos when I lived in Dallas at the South Side on Lamar lofts about a half mile away. When I lived in Texas, I used to drag friends and family to Fuel City several times a week at all hours of the day and night to grab a few $1.25 tacos.

So hearing about this article has inspired me to share my own Top 3 list of the my very favorite tacos. The tacos I recommend eating before you die:

1) Tacos from the Fuel City gas station in Dallas, Texas
2) Tacos from La Esquina taco stand on Lafayette, New York City (get the grilled corn too!)
3) The Queso Loco (with Stupid Sauce on the side) from San Loco on 2nd Ave, New York City

Where's your favorite taco?

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