Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Go To The Ivy Leagues for Free

I am currently attending Stanford, Harvard Business School, Yale, Duke, and Columbia. And being mentored by some of the top CEO's, leaders, thinkers and entrepreneurs in the world.

Yep, all at the same time. And all for free.

I'm not kidding either. That's because I've been able to download hundreds of complete courses to my iPod on everything from Psychology to Art History to Computer Science. I have over 350 podcasts right now on my iPod, all downloaded for free (legally) via iTunes.

In addition, to being able to audit classes like Philosophy and Astronomy, I am able to listen to priceless interviews, speeches, and lectures from exclusive conferences like TED (normally a $6,000 annual membership).

It doesn't stop there. Better than an MBA, I am being mentored by CEO's, VC's and entrepreneurs who now have their own podcasts and blogs. Some of my favorites include the CalacanisCast, VentureCast, Venture Voice, Marketing Voices with Jennifer Jones and The ScobleShow with Robert Scoble.

It's an amazing world. Anyone with access to a computer and an iPod now has access to a world class education. For free.

For all you non-stop learners out there, I hope you are enjoying this as much as I am.

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