Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Basstectonics.com Launches In Beta

Straight from my friend Scudder Steven's blog, "After three years of testing ideas, developing new skills, and learning the hard way, Basstectonics.com has finally launched!"

Congrats Scudder! Me likes what I hear so far...I'm loving the dub streams from my friends at Easy Star records.

So what is Basstectonics? From the site:

Basstectonics.com is a digital download retailer that offers its product catalog to customers in the form of audio streams. These streams are free to preview, at 96kbps, but must be purchased to enable the download of the audio files. Either the entire mix or each individual track, featured in the mix, is available for purchase. Basstectonics.com offers individual tracks in MP3 or FLAC format, and streams are available as MP3s only.

The music featured on Basstectonics.com is created by independent artists and record labels. When you purchase music from Basstectonics.com you are directly supporting these independent artists and record labels, not the greed of the Music Industry.

I look forward to seeing the evolution of the site over the coming months and helping however I can...

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