Thursday, February 02, 2006


I rarely post negative feedback on my blog, but as a result of my recent experience with FedEX Ground I just can't help it.

WHAT EVER YOU DO, DO NOT EVER USE FedEx Ground. You'd think they are dependable like their sister company that specializes in overnight delivery. Nope. FedEX Ground is a completely different company and they suck.

Why? My ongoing experience with them: I'm still waiting for a small package sent from California to NYC on January 5th. It's now February 2nd and the package is still in California. And this is after calling their customer service team 5 times! Oh, I forgot to mention the package has already been back and forth across the country at least once stopping briefly in NYC.

Anyway, do your self a favor and use UPS or the USPS instead. FedEX Ground is a total nightmare.

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Steff said...

You are right, Fedex Ground does suck. If you ever need a pkg tracked....give me your trk number and I'll check it out for you.....I work there.