Saturday, December 31, 2005

Help Select The 2005 BGP Photo Contest Winner

Hurry!!! Get all your bathroom graffiti photo entries in tonight by midnight EST in order to enter the 2005 BGP Photo Contest. And don't forget to vote for your favorite images over the next two weeks. The BGP Photo Contest Judges will select three contest winners from the pool of the top 50 highest ranked images that YOU the viewers rate. So help us pick the finalists between now and January 15th, when we name the top 3 bathroom graffiti images of 2005.

The BGP Judging Panel will be selecting winners based on several criteria but image quality, graffiti quality, and creativity all count. We'll also be looking at how well the image represents the Bathroom Graffiti Project philosophy as described in the BGP Manifesto and the artistic quality of the photograph.

If you miss the 2005 Photo Contest, don't fret. 2006 is nearly here, and we will be announcing several brand new contests for 2006 with lots of prizes and interesting themes. Contact Us if you have a cool photo contest idea...until then submit your bathroom graffiti images, join our Sniper Team and vote often!

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