Saturday, September 18, 2004

It's The Windsurfer Stupid!

For many months, I have believed that John Kerry would handily beat George W. Bush this November to win the presidency. No matter what the [irrlevant and often unscientific] polls said, or the blathering pundits squaked about, I had figured it would all come down to this basic logic: Bush barely got by against Gore at a time when the Democrats were apathetic and didn't care. Bush would have no chance, I reasoned, now that so many democrats have been fired up to vote.

This was my line of thinking before I saw the video of John Kerry windsurfing off a beach in Nantucket about a month ago.

I almost fell off of my chair when I saw images on CNN of this supposed leader-to-be riding across the sea on a windsurf board. This was obviously a planned media event, I guess to make the candidate look virile and energetic. Instead, what I saw was an image of a half naked man holding on for his life -- his bare lanky legs sopping wet as he sailed in no particular direction.

This juxtaposed against a man in a cowboy hat who weilds a chainsaw like it's an extension of his arm. Can you imagine Kerry driving around in a FORD with his dog riding shotgun?

Kerry and his team have lost (will lose) this election in my estimation, not merely because they put him up on that windsurfer (or snowboard, or sailboat, etc.) -- but because they don't seem to care what they are actually communicating. They don't understand that Bush knows, it's the windsurfer stupid!

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